Traffic Signal Equipment
Site Acceptance Test (SAT)

Traffic Signal Equipment Site Acceptance Test (SAT)

Once the traffic signal equipment has been installed on site it must be tested again. This test is known as the Site Acceptance Test (SAT) and is to ensure that all the wiring has been installed correctly and that all the detection is working as expected.

The first stage of a Site Acceptance Test is to ‘flash out’ the signals. This involves testing each set of lights on each approach to ensure the correct ones illuminate together. Following this the detector inputs in the controller are checked to ensure that vehicles are being picked up as they pass through the junction – if any detection isn't working it could lead to the approach not getting any / enough green time and a long queue building up.

Finally the lights are fully switched on and observations made for a period of time to confirm that everything is working as expected.

A SAT will always take place outside of peak hours (to minimise congestion if there are any problems) and usually only on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

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